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We are dedicated to talking about subjects that may be challenging for some, covering Mind, Body and Spirit along with fringe subjects such as Paranormal, Aliens and Conspiracies.

This site will feature all of Dare To Fly’s videos that are on YouTube and the more sensitive ones only published on Brand New Tube, along with interesting blog posts on the same subjects.

We look to shine a light into dark places and reveal truths that may be hidden by more mainstream media establishments and ask questions that make you think about what may truly be going on in this world and beyond.

Check back regularly, as we post most days.


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Do you have a story to tell, something interesting that you think others would like to hear?  Do you have a talent that you would like to share?  Do you know someone who fits the bill?  We are looking for guests to join us on the Dare To Talk podcast.  Don’t be shy, discussions are held online, typically over zoom, and are in the format of a friendly discussion.  See some of our existing Dare To Talk podcasts to see what we mean.

If you would like to join us for a discussion, no matter your views or how unusual, drop us a line via the Contact page.