Protection is important when working with Spirit.

Staying protected when communicating with Spirit is crucial, as it prevents any negative entities or mischievous souls from influencing your thoughts or disrupting work.

There are many ways in which you can stay safe, and here are my top 5 methods of protection:

Reciting the Lord’s Prayer

Whilst many may view the Lord’s Prayer as highly religious, I view it as a protection prayer. I do believe that there is a higher power, not necessarily God, therefore anyone can use this prayer as a form of protection. Try reciting this prayer 3 times before your communication, during, and afterwards.

Using Home-made Prayers

Try writing your own prayers to use during communication sessions, as this allows for targeted protection. For example, you could dedicate a prayer for protection from Archangel Michael and a separate blessing for your spirit guides.

Like the Lord’s Prayer, try reciting these 3 times each (out loud or in your head), or as many times as you like.

Visualisation Techniques

There are no limits on what you can visualise to protect yourself and even fight back. Try envisioning a cloak of light energy surrounding your whole body: It is pure, gold, light energy radiating and destroying the darkness that may try to surround you.

If you feel a negative entity surrounding you or interrupting your communication, fight back with light weapons! If the dark can attack you with their energy, destroy them using love energy: They will stand no chance.

Wearing a Protective Symbol

I never thought I would ever wear a cross, however, once my uncle Andrew (my Spirit guide) suggested it would be a wise idea, I listened. It felt odd at first, wearing a symbol I always saw as highly religious, symbolising Jesus Christ.

But now, I view the cross simply as a symbol of protection. The intent behind the symbol fuels the protection.

Asking for Proof of Identity

You should never initially trust a Spirit when they begin communicating with you, as they may lie and try to deceive you. Test the Spirit by asking them to prove their identity 3 times, which can be done by repeating this command during your session:

“According to Spirit Law, if you truly are (name), my (relation), working in love and light, please say/show me yes.”

I repeat this several times because it reflects the Holy Trinity, and a Spirit who is telling the truth will always pass this. Those who lie will fail the test and be unable to lie – this will force them to reveal their true identity – and you can then ask your guides and angels to move them along swiftly.

I hope this guide will help you as you begin your spiritual journey and start communicating with Spirit, and maybe it will help you come up with your own methods of protection.