Skipping is harder than it seems!

Today marked the first day of my 7 Day Jump Rope Challenge, where the aim is to do skipping for 10 minutes a day for a week.

After getting changed into my workout gear, weighing myself and heading outside, I was excited to get started. Initially, I believed that skipping would be quite a simple and easy cardio exercise, however, it is much harder than it looks!

Since it was my first day of the challenge, I decided to split up the exercise into two 5 minute sessions with a rest in between. The first 5 minutes were very painful, and I even found it hard to do the skipping! It was like learning to ride a bike: I was stumbling all over the place with the skipping rope and questioning why I was doing it.

Even though I panted my way through and contemplated quitting the second half, I felt energised and ready for the day ahead afterwards. The endorphins were rushing around my body and I felt refreshed and ready to eat my porridge!

Starting Weight

My starting weight is 48.7kg (around 7 stone 5), although my goal of this challenge is not to lose weight, otherwise, there wouldn’t be much of me left.

For me, the goal of this challenge is to discover whether this is a viable source of exercise which I can stick to. So far it hurts, but I can see why people keep skipping.

Check-in tomorrow to see how I did on Day 2.