Has the timer finished yet?

Current weight: 47.4kg (7 stone 4)

I’ll be honest, day 3 was really tough.

I spent the whole day working on finishing one of my uni assignments then decided to skip for 10 minutes once that was out of the way. A word of advice: Don’t go skipping when you have a stress headache!

I have to say though, despite struggling through the 10 minutes and relying on my favourite tunes to keep me going, I felt much better afterwards. The endorphins managed to remove my headache and I felt ready for a chill evening. Not going to lie, I had a bath straight away and got into my PJs…

Maybe it’s just me, but the challenge seems to get harder every day! On the bright side, I skipped longer today (in terms of one consecutive skipping session without tripping or stumbling over my own feet).

So far so good, and I feel proud that I have reached day 3 – roll on day 4!