Trying something new…

Current weight: 47.5kg (7 stone 5)

I had a very busy day today filming my next video for the channel, so I ended up skipping later on in the afternoon.

Instead of timing myself for 5-minute sessions, I decided to follow a 10-minute jump rope workout on YouTube, linked below.

Following this simple workout felt easier than putting some tunes on and waiting for the timer to beep. It involved 20 seconds or so of intense skipping and then a 10-second break, which was repeated 8 times over 3 circuits.

Halfway through I did begin to feel incredibly out of breath, and at one point began to question whether I was going to vomit everywhere…

But I did it! I even managed to follow the bonus workout towards the end of the video, which involved a variety of upper body and core exercises.

Tomorrow, I plan on following a different workout video to shake things up a bit.

Roll on day 5!