Almost at the finish line…

Current Weight: 48.1kg (7 Stone 5)

Today was the second to last day of this skipping challenge, and I have to say that I feel like I have only just started seeing a difference. I enjoyed working out today, and the 10 minutes seemed to fly by.

Like yesterday, I followed the 10-minute workout video by the Jump Rope Dudes (video below) as I found this one fun to follow and easy to repeat.

I noticed that my skipping ability has improved significantly since day 1, because I am able to skip for longer without stumbling or catching the rope, and I feel like my stamina has increased. Skipping still hurts and feels tough, but I no longer feel like I am going to spew everywhere mid-way through.

Even though I only have one more session remaining, I am going to continue skipping after the 7 days are over. Once you get past the dreaded thought of doing exercise, skipping is a quick way to burn off the Easter choc, get the endorphins flowing around your body and make a difference.

Many jump rope enthusiasts have said that once you start skipping, it’s hard to stop: I originally thought this was ridiculous since no one in their right mind would enjoy cardio, but now I see where they’re coming from!