Is it just me, or did the week fly by?

Today was the final day of the 7 Day Jump Rope Challenge and it was so weird knowing that this was officially the last session. Of course, I’m going to continue the cardio and exercise beyond the challenge by incorporating the 10 minutes into my routine.

I decided to stick with another 10-minute skipping workout and again found it easier than the start of the week. I looked forward to doing the exercise and seeing how long I could skip for without stopping, and this had vastly improved since the start of the week.

The Results

It doesn’t help being bloated from PMS on the final day!

End weight: 48.1kg (7 Stone 5)

Nothing really changed regarding weight or body changes, which is an aspect which many YouTube videos focused on during this challenge. My body stayed the same and my weight fluctuated throughout the week, something which is normal for everyone.

I weighed myself every day in the morning to update this blog but discovered that this wasn’t necessary because nothing changed. If you are going to start exercising and getting fit, don’t worry about what the scales show: You will feel changes before seeing them, and your weight will change throughout the month anyway!

What I Discovered From This Challenge

Skipping is hard. It’s not just about jumping up and down, it involves timing, balance and posture: Factors I hadn’t considered before attempting this challenge. The last time I had done skipping was at primary school, and even then I wasn’t particularly good at it.

These first few days were painful and at some points, I thought that I was going to vomit, which I guess was actually a good thing! I powered through the pain, and eventually, the workout became easier after day 3, and 10 minutes seemed to fly by.

At first, I began the challenge assuming skipping simply involved putting on some tunes (Rammstein was my choice) and timing myself for 10 minutes. I found that without any guidance, I could stop and start when I wanted to and be lazy about it. There was no one encouraging me other than the guttural German growls from Till Lindemann: Although I’m sure he would make an excellent coach, being an ex-Olympic swimmer…

Once I started following beginner jump rope workouts on YouTube, I found the exercise so much easier. I focused on skipping more and composing myself during the rest periods – before I never gave myself any rest, I would just keep skipping until I couldn’t go anymore.

I loved the variation of the Jump Rope Dudes’ video because it incorporated a variety of other intense exercises such as high knees, star jumps and push-ups. Even though I wasn’t skipping continuously, I still felt out of breath and started sweating throughout the exercise, which for me was a sign that it was doing some good.

Overall, I learned that exercising is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and if you eat a balanced diet and stay active every day, you will get fit. 7 days is not enough to completely change your body, but you will certainly feel fitter and your stamina will improve significantly. I feel healthier and enjoy working out, and now I have realised bodies naturally change over time throughout the month: Some days we are bloated and others we aren’t!

I will continue to better myself through exercise, and my family plan on joining me. I am thankful for this 7-day challenge, but for those looking for fast results, you shouldn’t rely on 10 minutes of cardio a day: Instead, you should look to follow a regular workout routine, and skipping could be a part of that.

Fly High, Fear Less