Skipping my way to success.

On Monday 30th March I decided to try an exercise challenge since I was finding it difficult to stay active during the lockdown.

Sure, doing intense HIIT workouts every other day and hopping around like a bunny with Joe Wicks at 9 am was fun, but I wanted to try something different. I didn’t want to follow an unrealistic temporary exercise routine involving 1000 crunches a day or holding a 10-minute plank. I wanted to try something that I could (potentially) stick to once the challenge ended.

A couple of days prior, I was scrolling through my YouTube recommended and stumbled on the 7 Day Jump Rope Challenge – this appeared to be a popular trend, not just amongst the exercise community, but also for regular vloggers and YouTubers alike.

Seeing some of the transformations after just 7 days (and many after 30 days) was inspiring: these people were changing their lives for the better, and many chose to continue upping their stamina and jumping to the beat even after they crossed the finish line.

So here we go. By the time you read this, I will have finished the challenge – whilst keeping you updated daily – and discovered whether skipping is the way forward!

Watch my YouTube video to find out how the challenge went!