The fearless captain of Dare To Fly.

Calling all Pilots!

Do you ever wake up and wonder about the world you live in and your purpose in life? Well so do we!

Working a 9-5 office job accepting the stresses and exhaustion that comes with it isn’t what humans are built for. Saving up for material items and dreaming of fast cars and maze-like mansions shouldn’t be accepted as our “life goal”: There’s so much more to life than the objects we can touch and everything we see around us.

Dare To Fly is a project that aims to explore the concepts, ideas and questions that fails to be explored. It’s a journey of the mind, body, and spirit – delving into the universe and how everything is connected.

Physically, DTF will focus on healthy eating, exercise and the road to healthy living. This includes creating a catalogue of delish meals, some of which have been communicated directly from Spirit.

Mentally, we will explore the feel-good side of life: Encouraging people to express themselves through the hobbies and activities they love, be it sports, gaming or knitting. Whatever you love to do in your downtime, take pride in it!

Finally, Spiritually we will document our experiences with Spirit, including communication, and seek to reconnect with our origins. Protection will be a key part of this, as it is important to stay safe since not everyone in the world wants you to blossom and succeed!

Dare To Fly is not only a personal journey, it is an adventure for anyone who is looking to question the world around them. All that we ask is you continue to share your love and light with the world.

The site contains all of the content we create in one place, typically blog articles, videos and our Instagram feed.  All content is free to view.  If you like our content, then please consider supporting us.

So, buckle up and get ready to take flight.

And remember:

Fly High, Fear Less.