Dusting off the keyboard, it has been a while since I have written anything and put my thoughts into digital words. I have been trying to focus on the channel and creating informative and interesting content that there simply has not been enough hours in the day to sit down and get typing.

A little background as to why I am writing this today of all days. I have lost my mojo, or at least that is how it feels right now.

After posting today’s video about Lin Wood’s tweets exposing the cabal, I felt a bit lost and just completely unmotivated. So many ideas and thoughts have been flying around my brain like butterflies, but my motivation net is unable to catch them. When I feel this way, I always end up bothering my dad and having a good whine to him about what I am feeling, in a way hoping he has a magical answer that will fix everything (of course, he does not, but that would be cool).

He suggested that I do some little jobs replying to emails, comments, then writing a blog post having a rant about things. And well, here I am.

What to rant about?

YouTube hit Dare To Fly with a second strike.

The fact the absolute bozos running YouTube decided that my video titled “Lockdown 3.0: It’s Ok to Not Be Ok” was removed for “medical misinformation.” A video that discussed the negative impact of lockdowns on things such as domestic violence, deaths from illnesses other than COVID, and mental health. I do ask myself why they target my channel and continue to remove videos, but I like to pretend sometimes that I do not know the answer, it is more fun that way.

COVID is such a hypersensitive topic on YouTube right now, it is like handling a hot potato and then having no one to launch it at so it explodes in your face. This video was a prime example of what happens when you let your potatoes get too spicy.

It is frustrating having it removed after an appeal (which took approximately 10 hours to get rejected) and living with the threat of 2 strikes. It now means I can’t post on YouTube for 2 weeks and must avoid getting another strike until my first strike lifts on March 16th.  Another strike and 10 months of hard work gets flushed down the toilet, and I lose my wonderful community who I have enjoyed talking within the comments of my videos.

It radges me a lot knowing all this censorship is done on behalf of the cabal that sits behind closed doors twiddling their bony thumbs whilst sipping infant blood.

So, what to do?

Now that is a good question to which I do not really know the answer right now. I ask the universe for help and my guides, but they know that I know what to do deep down.

I’m trying to establish Dare To Fly on other lesser-known platforms which pride themselves on freedom of speech: Brand New Tube, Rumble, LBRY, are just some examples of sites I’ve been spamming my mug onto.

Establishing Dare To Fly is the goal and always has been, it just feels like this YouTube malarkey is delaying it all and making it harder. It has always been difficult in the first place getting my videos in front of people and creating content that people want to watch.

I am still pursuing a career where I work for myself and publish the truth, exposing corruption, and giving others a voice.

Just right now, I feel a bit lost.