Greetings Pilots and Passengers!

You may know (or not) that I am part of a spiritual development circle where I seek to develop my ability to communicate with spirit. This closed circle is something I have been running with my dad since January 2020 and we have learned a lot of interesting information about the spirit world, which has often shaped and changed our beliefs over time.

Spirit Board Progress

In January 2020 at a different closed circle, I discovered that my ability to communicate with spirit had progressed and I was able to receive messages in a very different way than what I was used to. We use spirit (also known as Ouija) boards quite often as a form of low vibration communication since it requires only the energy and belief of the participants around the board to be successful (in my opinion).

At this particular circle using a spirit board, the planchette was moving faster than anyone could really keep up with, yet my eyes knew where it was moving to and what was going to be said ahead of time. We removed the planchette and I continued to read messages using my eyes drawn to the letters around the board – it was an incredible experience that really solidified my belief in spirit and that everyone has the gift within them.

This ability to visually receive messages is something I worked on at my personal closed circle for months since the January experience: Some sessions were easier than others, and sometimes I didn’t receive any messages at all. From there I decided to try other forms of communication, from visualisation, to trance, all the way to automatic writing.

What is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing – also known as psychography – is the ability to produce messages without consciously writing. It is a way for spirit to take control and directly communicate through the medium: They can write or draw whatever they like. Sceptics and the world of science say this psychic work is a load of baloney, that it is simply the “ideomotor effect” where a person makes movements unconsciously. But it doesn’t explain how those who practice this receive such in-depth messages regarding people, beings, and information about a world beyond our plane of existence.

My Experience Automatic Writing

After trying automatic writing a few times at university in my second year and first term of third I struggled to come out with anything other than gobbledygook. Words that made no sense and scribbles that were impossible to read, so I decided that maybe it wasn’t for me and I should stick to other physical forms of mediumship. Then in March/April I had a crack at automatic writing again and started writing and drawing things that not even my own brain could come up with. Information that was completely foreign to me regarding past lives, how the spirit world works, the current state of the physical world, and so much more that I hope to share on this blog (and hopefully cover in videos).

Eyes and a Mouth

Moving forward to the present day(ish), around four or five days ago, and I’m regularly practicing astral projection (or at least trying to!). One night in particular was interesting to say the least: Heading into deep relaxation I began to see flashing images behind my eyes, all kinds of colours, and at one point I was watching my dad lying on the sofa downstairs (where I later discovered he was in fact doing so at the time). Midway through this deep meditation, an unsettling image of two wide eyes and a huge smile flashed before me – it certainly gave me a shock and my heart started racing. I put it down to an overactive imagination with my body falling asleep and my mind wide awake, then didn’t think much of it after that.

This face had no structure to it: Just two eyes and a mouth!

However, a couple of days later in the middle of the night I woke up to go to the toilet (don’t worry, it was a number one). Whilst sat in the dark on the toilet, the same structureless face flashed in my mind as clear as day: huge eyes and a beaming smile that didn’t have the best vibes.  I asked who was with me and instantly got a negative feeling, that of a bad spirit here to cause trouble, so I immediately began to recite the Lord’s Prayer as a form of protection (I’m not religious but it is a great prayer for protection as it is recognised worldwide).

A conversation then ensued with this spirit who was simply curious. I asked whether he was a negative spirit, to which he replied along the lines of “Well I’m not exactly good, but I’m not here to cause harm.” I asked what he was around for and he (I sensed he was male) said he was simply curious as he had noticed I was attempting astral projection, which in turn acted as a sort of huge beacon, thus attracting him to my room to see for himself. I told him I didn’t realise I was giving off a “beacon” and he immediately put images in my mind of a lighthouse shining in the distance and a flare being shot into the night sky.

I asked this spirit what his name was and he replied with “Ronald.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you, Ronald. Just try not to scare me with those eyes next time.”

To which Ronald simply replied: “Sorry, I’ll try not to but it’s just my face.”

Sunday 31st January 2020

The full page from our conversation with Ronald.

I had told my dad about what happened and he told me he had been in communication with a strange entity not too long ago whose name seemed to begin with ‘R’, but he wasn’t able to get the rest of the letters. This was interesting and seemed to confirm that I wasn’t going insane talking to myself sat on the toilet at 3am.

We decided to do a circle on Sunday night (as we usually do), but instead of doing spirit board as we had been doing the last few sessions, we would do automatic writing instead. The setup is as follows: A sheet of wallpaper paper is before me on the table, my dad sat with our spooky book open (to document messages), and I have a pen in hand ready for spirit to take control.

After opening up the circle, practicing protection, and asking spirit to come forward to communicate, the pen started to move and we had a number of visitors looking to draw. Our second guest was none other than Ronald, who, might I say did some really funny and interesting drawings!

Who is Ronald?

Ronald finally drew his whole body: He is more than just a pair of eyes and a mouth!

Ronald introduced himself with the glaring eyes and beaming smile that I had seen before – an image he would draw regularly throughout his time with us. He continued to explain that he wasn’t a good spirit, that he had (and continues to do) bad things, but this doesn’t involve causing harm to anyone. Ronald isn’t human and has never been: He is an imp.

He explained that imps are free beings who seek to cause mischief as that it was they exist to do, but they would never cause harm because that is not in their nature. Imps are bad in a sense that they are just incredibly annoying – they are beings that are not controlled in any way and don’t “take sides.” Therefore, they are mostly neutral when it comes to who is good and bad, and how they treat those on each “side.” However, they do recognise that there are those in this world who commit acts that are very bad and as a result, imps like to mess with them a little more than others.

Imps are not evil, they are free spirits that are just very annoying.

For example, when asked whether the Freemasons try to summon or use imps in rituals or when spellcasting, Ronald told us that Freemasons absolutely HATE imps and want nothing to do with them!

Freemasons hate imps so much that they don’t want anything to do with them.

Ronald drew himself interfering with a Masonic ritual by setting their ritual book/bible on fire.

Why did Ronald Want to Communicate?

We dug a little deeper as to why Ronald wanted to come forward and speak and he explained further about the beacon that I was emitting when I go to sleep or actively try to have a conscious out of body experience. As shown in the drawing below, Ronald illustrated an energy that appears to be pulsating out of me when I try to open up and leave my body (or go to sleep).

When I go to sleep, apparently I give off a “beacon” of sorts.

This beacon attracted not only Ronald, but other spirits too who appear to be lost souls or spirits who are just interested and showed up to see what was going on. As shown in the image below, Ronald has decided to stick around and has been actively helping me when I attempt astral projection: He is pictured creating a forcefield of energy around my bed whilst I am surrounded by a large crowd of spiritual onlookers.

To explain what is going on with the people stood over me on the bed, these are my guides trying to help pull me out of my body and act as moral support when I try to astral project. Stood on the left of me is Richard, to the right is my uncle Andrew, then below from left to right: Davina, N.T. and my good friend Brad with his pet T-Rex called Reginald (I can explain in another blog post…).

This beacon attracts lots of lost soul, nosey spirits, and even Freemasons who are quite shocked by what they see!

What Else Did Ronald Have to Say?

We mainly asked lots of questions about what he was like and what other beings existed in this world or on other planes. Ronald is 10ft tall and like the main image shows, he is hairy, has goat-like legs, and a pointed “devil’s” tail. This seemed to go against what I thought imps were like: I believed that imps were small, scrawny, devil-like creatures that were very closely related to demons. I sensed that not all imps are the same and that there are in fact more traditional imps that exist, but what is for certain is that imps are the equivalent of demons’ cousins.

Ronald finally drew his whole body: He is more than just a pair of eyes and a mouth!

Ronald divulged that other creatures that exist include faeries and giants. Firstly, faeries are a lot like imps in the sense that they are free spirits that are neutral (they keep themselves to themselves) but are working in the light. Faeries and imps are both elemental beings of sorts but are very distantly related.

On the left is a drawing of an angel, and a faery on the right.

Regarding giants, Ronald said that they do exist and are on the Earth, but he didn’t really have anymore to say about them in this session.

The very tall stick figure is supposed to be a giant!

My dad asked if Ronald had met our usual group of spirit guides, to which he said he had and was actually “interrogated” by Richard and my uncle Andrew. Kind of like a spiritual “vetting” ahead of time to ensure that he didn’t have bad intentions: Our guides have done this quite a few times with other new beings who want to speak with us. However, our old circle guide Aslan used to do this with our protector Dragonknight, but as we have progressed further spiritually, they have moved on to work with a new spiritual development circle.

My guides Richard and Andrew interrogating Ronald.

It’s safe to say Ronald seems to be getting on well with a few members of the Dare To Fly team on the other side, particularly Richard and my unlce Andrew who certainly approve of the mischievous imp. Uncle Andrew likes to give a chocolate bar to the newcomers as a welcome gift and Ronald ended up trying a Toblerone for the first time, which received a big chocolatey smile and a thumbs up!

Andrew gave Ronald a Toblerone as a welcome gift 🙂

However, the ladies of the group are still getting used to this free spirit as Ronald has been caught eating half of the cake that they baked! It’s safe to say that my great grandmas Margaret and Edith were not impressed…Richard and Andrew found it hilarious though!

My great grandmas Margaret and Edith were not impressed with Ronald!

What Does this mean?

When I first started actively communicating with spirit I believed that it was only possible to speak with loved ones who had passed away and our spirit guides. Throughout my experience hosting a spiritual development circle at home, I have come to realise that this is not the case: The spirit world and worlds beyond that are full of all kinds of wonderful beings, from aliens, to imps and light beings that have never set foot on any world. These experiences have forced me to rethink all that I thought I knew about the spirit world and what I had learned from experienced mediums when I was growing up.

In my opinion, it would be ignorant to assume that we can only speak with our loved ones who have died or our spirit guides. After all, everything that is living (including in other realms of existence) is made up the same energy that flows through all of us, therefore they can share messages. The spirit world is also not as black and white as many would expect: Whilst there is “good” and “bad” (or light and dark), this sits on a very confusing spectrum that is not set in stone – i.e those who may be bad can redeem themselves and be of service to others, thus transition to the light. I could write a whole other blog post on this as we have pages of information on this if this would be of interest.

Whilst some reading this may think I have completely lost my marbles (and trust me, I still question the information I get sometimes),  you should take some time to look at the world around you and ask “is this it?” Really ask yourself if life is just the physical that you can touch, the sky that you can see, and the air you can smell. Then ask yourself if it is possible for us to be the only intelligent beings to ever exist in this world, universe, and even realm of existence, and trust me, we are certainly lacking as a species in the intelligence department.

Time to Close

This is just a snapshot of the whole session, which included several guests, but it really stood out to me as it showed that there are other wonderful creatures that exist in the world. It also reminded me that good and bad is very black and white and that we should start looking at this on a spectrum rather than a certainty.

I have pages and pages of wallpaper paper covered in all kinds of writing and doodles from spirit, which I hope to start sharing via this blog. There are some sessions and beings I cannot share with you yet as some of it isn’t allowed to be made public *yet*, but I hope what I can divulge will get you thinking and encourage you to start your own spiritual journey.

Fly High, Fear Less.