Greetings, Pilots and Passengers.

Quote of the day:

Source: MrMonkfish
Regarding the date, all I will say is that life continues after death – along with the ability to communicate.

It’s a new day and a new opportunity to change your perspective on the world, a chance to think differently to how you thought yesterday. Thoughts and perspectives are funny things, aren’t they? We can’t see them, but I’d like to imagine they flow through us like energy and we can exchange this with others. After all, without differing thoughts and perspectives, the world would be grayscale – a place I could not imagine living in!

Whilst most days I wish I could float off on an adventure – be it out of body or in an alien spacecraft – today I am thankful to have my feet firmly planted on the ground. It can be tricky to stay grounded in uncertain times, or if you’re one to float away with the fairies, but some days it needs to be done. These squishy human bodies filled with fleshy bits and last night’s dinner are stuck here on this floating dirtball for now, so it’s important that we appreciate the ability to feel the ground beneath our feet and the wind whistling past our ears.

So a new day has dawned and my perspectives have altered: I increasingly recognise that the path I am on will take time, and it’s impossible to stray from the tiles before me as I’ll only gravitate back. I am where I am supposed to be, serving others using the skills that I know and continue to develop. That’s the way that humanity should be; we aren’t here to slave away in exhausting jobs for measly pay. We are here to learn and serve others using the knowledge we know to improve ourselves and spread light. It feels like an odd perspective to have in the world that we live in today, but that’s only because many have never even considered it. It’s hard to change perspectives and explore alternate views on our reality when the physical feel so limiting – of course, you could argue that the world works this way on purpose to keep our spirits trapped in cages.

Uncertain times like these certainly promote that idea that we aren’t free, that our spirits are held hostage by fear and control. My perspective on that hasn’t changed one bit – it has only strengthened as the sun rises and sets each day. Whilst there is no normality, (or a false “new normal” being implemented) our views can remain the same. We can continue to treat each day as if nothing changed: That can provide some freedom and tell the elites where to shove their new world order. Accepting the fearmongering being drilled into our brains will only change our perspective on the world: We will struggle to see the leaves falling from the trees; the sun shining through the clouds; hearing the birds sing their morning tune – all of that will fade into nothing.

As a new day dawns, own your thoughts and perspectives and alter them as you please: Just don’t let others do it for you.

Captain Emily, signing off.