Good Evening, Pilots and Passengers.

This morning I went for a run, my usual route, which goes around the neighbourhood and down some of the quieter streets. The sun was shining, birds chirping away, and the October air was soothingly crisp. As I ran, multicoloured leaves fell from trees and floated to the ground, crunching underneath my feet.

As my feet picked up the pace and my breathing became laboured, all of my thoughts and worries drifted away into the autumn breeze. My worries about the smallest things became insignificant and I thought about nothing, my brain focused on my breath and taking in nature around me.

Many of us fail to recognise how blessed we are to be alive, feeling our breath entering and exiting our lungs. Not only this, but that we exist amongst the trees the whistle in the wind, the crows that caw and watch over us, and the sun that keeps us cosy. These are the natural things that we often take for granted and fail to thank, for they keep us sane, alive and give us hope.

In tricky times like these, hope is more valuable than diamonds and any currency in the world – that and love. When hope seems scarce and we fall into our overflowing buckets of worry and stress, stepping outside into the fresh air can solve many problems and provide answers. It can serve as a reminder of how lucky we are to be alive, and that the universe watches over us with love and light.

The universe is beautiful, and we are yet to discover what else it has to offer.

Captain Emily, signing off.