We should seek to build a bridge of communication with extraterrestrials.

The concept of aliens has existed for thousands of years, from the origin and nature of Egyptian Gods to millions of UFO sightings. It makes you wonder why we are so curious about aliens when many of us don’t believe in their existence.

Films and TV shows portray otherworldly beings as slimy, terrifying creatures who want to destroy the human race and claim Earth as their own. When you think of aliens, you might think of Xenomorphs, facehuggers or parasites present in ‘The Thing’.

Yet we fail to consider the idea that many alien races are likely seeking to develop a relationship with humanity, whether it be through sharing knowledge or technology to benefit us as a collective.

I believe that we should strive to develop communication with aliens – including those with bad intentions – to learn from them, grow and better ourselves.

In my latest video, I discuss why it’s important for us to seek communication with extraterrestrials, and explore my recent communications with a Sirian alien called Phoenix 6.

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