Pilots and Passengers.

I’ve been battling with this in my mind for the past month and have only really started coming to terms with it since yesterday.

Fasting has become an archenemy and tool, which I have been using and abusing to maintain weight whilst using the excuse of healing my digestive issues. Whilst I do still have a lot of healing to do in terms of my digestive problems, losing my period through under nourishment and starving my body from nutrients and fuel has damaged my hormones and means my body really doesn’t trust me at all right now.

I’m going to stick with the Carnivore diet but extended fasts will be a no go: This is quite scary for me but I know it will be worth it. The journey will be rough but I will trust the process and see where it takes me!

Now it’s time to respect my body, heal, and get strong.

Fly High, Fear Less.