By Co-Pilot Gary

Present in Circle:

Gary and Emily, and in spirit, Aslan, Edith, Andrew, Gunther, Wolfgang and Phoenix 6 only – no others.  This is a huge difference from our previous circle where we had our full crew and an additional 75 observers.  Everyone started off rather despondent, but the mood soon rallied.


The plan was ready to be executed, which would allow us to form a bridge between humans and aliens.

The plan was sound, planned meticulously, and it was being executed; Daphne’s crew were stationed outside.  At the last moment, a being from the spiritual hierarchy charged in and forbade it, overruling our guides and the Andromedans.  The spiritual hierarchy is a “neutral” political body in the spirit world, a form of governance, and this representative, shown to me as a dark being flying in a black cape, reminiscent of a black-suited superman but with curly horns.  Not negative, but neutral.

A heated argument ensued.  Aslan, our circle guide explained to us that he understood why it was denied but does not agree with it.  Daphne flew off in a rage and will be keeping her distance for the time being but has not ruled out working closely with us again in the future.  The being insisted that our chips should be removed, but Phoenix 6, our Sirian guide refused, explaining it would be dangerous, exaggerating the reality.  Our chips were not removed, but the being strongly disagreed with us having them.

This being was informed of what we were doing by the dark society who are afraid of our plans and are actively trying to thwart us.  They are keenly keeping an eye on us via a combination of remote viewing and out of body travel.  When they found out that this accelerated part of our plan was unfolding, they immediately lodged a complaint with the spiritual hierarchy, who rushed in to block us.

The Spiritual Hierarchy

Source: Spiritual Unite
We didn’t realise that there was a governmental structure present in the Spirit world, and that some beings have more power than others.

The being from the spiritual hierarchy who blocked us is not as neutral as they should be, and they dislike ‘Dare To Fly’.  There is a power struggle within the political regime in the world of the spirit, and the spiritual hierarchy is widely disliked.  It is not that the spiritual hierarchy is negative, but they resist any change, and certain members are not as neutral as they should be.  Our plan with the Andromedans would have been a big boon for the light in this world, and it was blocked because the dark lodged a complaint with the spirit council who then blocked it, taking the dark’s side.

There was a big argument between everyone and the being that stopped it, but he put his foot down.  Everyone was admonished, including Edith and Margaret, who did not take it well, and they were vigorously defending us with a lot of “effin’ and jeffin’.” Daphne flew off as she was too angry, and Andrew laid on his bed, despondent.  Edith and Margaret ate more cake than usual!  Phoenix 6 was incensed; the higher being asked him why he was even there, and everyone took offence to the way Phoenix 6 was spoken to.

This higher being recommended that the ancient spirits should keep away from us, but they are going to ignore that.  Everyone was against the decision.  But this has not quieted the noise about ‘Dare To Fly’ within the spirit world, as it is about to change both our world and theirs.  Their plans for the movement are still in place, so this is just a bump in the road.

Working in Secret

Source: The Conscious Mind
For the next few weeks we will work in secret with our Spirit guides, producing more videos until it’s safe to escalate Dare To Fly.

Dare To Fly will still work towards being a bridge between spirit, aliens and humans, whilst exposing the dark societies and their corruption, abuse and horrors that they bring to our world.  Only now on a more extended timeframe.

Emily’s guide Andrew said that we should give it two weeks for things to blow over.  In the meantime, he suggested that we should work hard to increase our video production.

The circles in spirit are being held in secret for the time being.  Phoenix 6 is still joining us and in time Daphne will also re-connect.  This action seems unfair to everyone involved.

‘Dare To Fly’ as a movement is gaining traction over there and the word is spreading fast; Even Mr N.T. now knows about it and is very encouraged by what we are doing, in his words: “It’s excellent!”.  He is also angry that it was stopped as he described this decision as “silliness.” Our circle guides suggested that he may join our communication sessions in the future.

Andrew stated that this was just a false start, and they are now bringing in the big guns.  We will work a bit more quietly, disguised, and by the time they realise what is happening, we will have picked up so much momentum that they will not be able to stop us.  We will set off at speed and will be catapulted forward. Edith is very proud of what we are doing and understands that it needs to be cloaked more now.

Our guides are trying to figure out how to block the darks spying, to cloak us from their view.  Just like we have our squirrel spy, they have their own spy; a slug. They can also see what we are typing as we minute our circles, not through technology, rather viewed through our own eyes.  My response is: “They can kiss my shiny metal ass!”.

Gunther recommended that because they are spying on us, we should actively try and spy on them, and he recommended the same methods they are using against us: Out of body travel and remote viewing.  The latter can be our new weekend project!

The next time this higher being comes through to admonish us, the movement will be so large, they will not have a leg to stand on, and will no longer be able to stand in our way!

Fly High, Fear Less

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