On Friday 17 April I announced the start of my new challenge: The 30 Day Out of Body Experience (OBE) Challenge. Over the next month, I aim to induce an OBE each night using a technique which works for me – a visualisation technique which I will detail in this post. I will document what happens during this time, and once the month has ended, I will upload a video discussing what took place and if I was successful!

The Counting Technique

Lie down, get comfy and relax your mind. Don’t think about anything, don’t move a muscle: Yes, that includes scratching the irritable itch on your nose. The aim of this technique is to convince your body that you are going to sleep whilst keeping your mind awake – this will allow you to stay conscious whilst you float away!

Starting from 1, count in your head upwards following your breathing. I like to count every breath out, and in between each number say an affirmation. These affirmations include:

“I will go out of body now”

“My body is asleep and my mind awake”

“I am safe, protected, and surrounded by love and light energy”

If I stumble over a number or get lost, I always start counting from 1 again, which is often frustrating, but it keeps my mind awake. The higher you count, the more relaxed you will become and the further your body will fall into a deep sleep.

I developed this technique by reading current visualisation procedures documented by astral projection practitioners such as William Buhlman and Robert Bruce, and then taking parts from each and creating my own. So far, I have reached the vibrational stage with ease several times – during these moments I have experienced vibrations, hearing roaring in my ears, and talking in my room – but I am yet to have my first OBE.

Day 1: Friday 17 April

The first night of the challenge wasn’t very interesting: I went to bed optimistic, started using my visualisation technique to achieve a state of relaxation…and then fell asleep. Trust me, it’s easily done! One second you are awake and counting, the next you wake up in a completely different position spooning your pillow.

Day 2: Saturday 18 April

Unlike the first night, day 2 started to get interesting: I reached what I like to call the ‘floaty stage’ – my body felt like it was beginning to float up and out of the bed. There were no vibrations, just a pure feeling of relaxation and weightlessness. I couldn’t feel any of my limbs, it was an odd state of paralysis, but it wasn’t a nerve-wracking experience in any way.

During this ‘floaty stage,’ my ears began to ring, and then I heard a voice saying: “Go on…” This male voice came out of nowhere, and straight away I knew it was my uncle Andrew encouraging me to get out of body and go exploring!

A rough drawing of how the negative entity presented himself to me in my mind. I call him ‘Bozo’ because that’s what he is – a Bozo!

However, things suddenly took a darker turn when unnerving images of violence, gore and twisted faces of demons flashed to the forefront of my mind. During some communication sessions, a negative entity has entered to interfere, and I sensed it was the same presence who showed up to prevent any progress from being made. I decided it probably wouldn’t be a wise idea to try going out of body with a negative being hanging around, so decided to head off to sleep instead.

So close, yet so far!

Day 3: Sunday 19 April

To avoid being bothered by dark beings and souls looking to cause confusion and prevent me from floating away, I made sure to perform my protection during my relaxation period. I said my prayers (homemade and Lord’s Prayer), envisioned a beautiful sphere of light surrounding myself, then asked for protection from my loved ones, spirit guides and angels working in love and light.

The negative entity came back with more scary images to show me…

Unfortunately, the dark side works just as hard as the light so came equally as prepared. Like day 2, things were running smoothly, and I entered a lower form of the vibrational stage then suddenly, disturbing images flooded into my mind. Images of contorted faces and dark acts were showcased almost like a movie. I decided to fall asleep, repeatedly asking for protection, then fell asleep only to have a nightmare – It was obvious that this negative entity did not want me to leave my body.

An image flashed in my mind of myself in bed with a negative entity stood over me, but my guides Andrew and Bearey (an animal guide who is there for protection – he catches negative beings using a big net and disposes of them) were there to keep me safe.

Thoughts so far

Despite my failed attempts, I feel excited to continue this journey and discover what is on the other side. It doesn’t matter if there are negative entities looking to scare or prevent me from accessing the truth, because this only makes me want to work harder.

Hopefully, this challenge will allow me to practice better overall: I’ll finally understand what works and what doesn’t, and what time is best to attempt an OBE. Only time will tell.

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Fly High, Fear Less.