Over the years there have been countless testimonies from masonic whistleblowers detailing corruption and abuse that occurs behind closed doors: These themes continue to crop up and need to be investigated.

The not so secretive organisation attempts to cover up allegations of ritualistic abuse and Satan worship through handshakes and philanthropy. But still, victims of masonic abuse and ex-freemasons continue to come forward and speak out against the cult.

I am sure that there will be some false allegations cobbled together for attention (which is a shame), however, it is hard to ignore the similarities of witness testimonies that fall on deaf ears and are relentlessly ridiculed.

Like the video, here are just a selection of the testimonies by those who have been mislead and exploited by Freemasonry:

Karly Franz

Source: Africa Daily Updates
Karly Franz, a victim of masonic abuse.

When Karly was around only 3 years old, she was subjected to horrendous abuse by relatives who she trusted so dearly: Her grandparents, father, and great uncle (all of who were involved in Freemasonry.

During the middle of the night, Karly was abducted by relatives on her father’s side and taken to a nondescript government building, which appeared to be ornate and incredibly rich. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling and artwork plastered the walls: It was clear that this was a place of power.

She was taken into a dining room which had a large table and an altar at the end of it featuring a statue or painting of a two-headed eagle, with a sunburst of rays behind it. This room appeared to be filled with primarily old, white men wearing suits with white, gold, and blue aprons, some of which having regalia such as medals covering them.

Source: The Guardian
An example of the uniforms that Karly believes she saw.

3 year old Karly was taken to the end of the table, stripped of her clothes, which marked her onslaught of abuse.

Unknown items were placed inside of her, and the men formed 2 orderly lines where they each took turns to “have their way with her.” Imagine the pain and terror that this poor girl must have been going through, and how her relatives were responsible for allowing it to occur.

The room was then cleared, and men with black hooded robes entered with a boy of a similar age to her. Karly watched as the boy was placed on the altar and brutally tortured with a knife, where his screams eventually fell silent. Karly believes that this all took place for a ritual, as the men devoured the boy’s remains and drank his blood, which caused a black mist to enter the room, consuming everything.

Karly was taken to a room with a checkerboard floor filled with young children chained to the floor, some of whom were dead, being tortured and murdered before her eyes. Then it all went black, and she was taken home in a van via a back entrance.

Of course, some have ridiculed her testimony, suggesting that she made it all up for attention. But why would anyone remember such disturbing events, especially such a young child?

Victor Ramos

Source: Daniel Roman
Victor Ramos is an ex-mason who joined the society via his policing career.

Victor is an ex-master mason who joined freemasonry in 2006 via his policing career, after he noticed that many of his colleagues were involved in the organisation. He joined due to his interest in the masonic connections to the Bible, especially the history and lore surrounding the building of Solomon’s Temple.

Once he was welcomed into his nearby lodge, he began making his way through the degrees, which he described as “odd rituals” (take a look at my ‘Rituals of Freemasonry Exposed’ video to find out more about the ceremonies which take place).

Victor enjoyed being a part of the brotherhood and how it allowed him to help his community but began to notice dark undertones and tensions within his lodge, and the overall society itself. This included the way in which higher degree freemasons were able to “get away with” minor crimes simply by showing off masonic rings or symbols, including handshakes.

Some wealthy and powerful individuals were able to “fast track ” their way through degrees, allowing them to reach higher degrees over a period of a few days. Of course, you had to prove you were the perfect candidate and had the wealth to pay your way up the ranks.

Victor discovered that corruption occurred within the higher degrees – particularly the 30th-33rd degrees – where abuse is rife, and worshipping Satan appeared to be the norm. Once he realised the true nature of the organisation he dedicated so many years to, he left immediately and become a Christian.

William Schnoebelen

Source: YouTube
William Schnoebelen was a Freemason for over 10 years.

After spending 16 years as a high druidic priest and 10 years as a Freemason, Bill discovered the true reality of his beliefs and told his story, eventually turning to God for guidance.

Bill was approached in the 1970s by a fellow druidic priest about joining Freemasonry because it aligned with his beliefs in witchcraft and the occult. He soon became initiated in his nearby lodge and eventually became a master mason in 1976, then a Shriner in 1980.

Source: Thy Word is True
William has written many books covering his testimony of the true nature of Freemasonry and the occult.

Following this, Bill worked his way through the Scottish and York Rite, where he began to discover the hidden corruption and abuse that is hidden from lower degree masons. This seemed to be hinted at through the anti-Christian symbolism that was present in ceremonies, which slowly trained initiates into accepting the Luciferian doctrine once they progress through the society.

One day, Bill described how it felt like a “switch was flipped” and he realised that the organisation he was a part of was incredibly dark, leading him to turn to Christianity.

Famous Freemasons

Source: Dare To Fly

You may be wondering why I decided to include famous freemasons as whistleblowers, but hear me out on this one.

Through books, speeches and lectures, some famous masons have alluded to the true nature of freemasonry: The worship of Satan. Whilst this is quite unfortunate for them, it’s very fortunate for us as we can pick apart what they say, and question why they seem to reference Lucifer so much (it’s kind of like they whistleblow themselves!).

Manly P Hall

Source: Manly Hall Society
Manly P Hall was a 33rd degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite.

Throughout his life, Manly P Hall dedicated himself to the world of the occult, where he wrote a collection of books on anything and everything otherworldly – including witchcraft, tarot, and the Bible. However, Manly was also a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason, and is viewed as a prominent and influential member of the society.

In chapter 4 of his book, the Lost Keys of Freemasonry, Manly wrote:

“When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his Craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward, he must properly apply energy.”

Manly P Hall. The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, chapter 4.

Source: Alibris
The cover of Manly P Hall’s book ‘The Lost Keys of Freemasonry.’

It’s interesting to see that Manly references Lucifer, and how masons must learn how to use his power before they can “step onward and upward.”

Manly was not the only famous freemason to reference the true nature of the secret society.

Source: White Wolf Revolution
Albert Pike was a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason and was regarded as a well-respected, prominent member of the society.

Albert Pike was a well-known author, poet, and was also a Senior Officer of the Confederate States Army. He was approached by Albert Mackey – Secretary of the Supreme Council of Charleston – about joining Freemasonry, which he accepted in 1859 up until his death.

In a letter to the 23 supreme councils of the world, Albert Pike wrote:

“That which we must say to the crowd is, we worship a god, but it is the god one adores without superstition. To you sovereign grand inspector general, we say this and you may repeat it to the brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees – the Masonic religion should be by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine…Yes, lucifer is god.”

Recorded by A.C. De La Rive, La Femme et L’enfant dans La Franc-Maconnerie Universelle, Page 588. Cited from ‘The question of freemasonry, ( 2nd edition 1986 by Edward Decker pp12-14)

Yet another reference to Lucifer, which many masons attempt to debunk via Leo Taxil’s “confession”…

David and Donna Carrico

Source: BlogtalkRadio
David and Donna Carrico.

David and Donna Carrico formed their ministry Followers of Jesus Christ in Indiana and have been ministers for over 30 years. They seek to raise awareness of victims of Satanic ritual abuse and the dark nature of organisations such as Freemasonry.

When Donna was young, she suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her family, some of whom were dedicated Freemasons. This led her to fall into the wrong crowd when growing up, and she was coerced into joining a Satanic cult through her friend, where she was the victim of countless rituals.

Once Donna realised that she was heading down a dark path, she became a Christian and eventually met her husband David, where they set up their ministry and set out to expose the truth of Freemasonry.

Source: Academia
David and Donna Carrico have worked hard to expose the truth of Freemasonry, as demonstrated in their book ‘The Egyptian Masonic – Satanic – Connection.’

They took particular interest in the ‘Blue House Case’ of Evansville, Indiana, which involved allegations of ritualistic child abuse.

Rick Doninger

Source: YouTube

Rick Doninger is an advocate for victims of satanic ritual abuse, particularly the ‘Blue House Case’ of Indiana.

As previously mentioned, the ‘Blue House Case’ involved the alleged abuse of children who reported that they were taken to a ‘blue house’ and subjected to sexual and ritualistic abuse.

Rick explored this case and believed that the case failed to make it before a grand jury because those investigating were Freemasons, as were the alleged perpetrators. For example, he alleged that one of the primary police investigators was high up in the Eastern Star, and her husband was the State Recorder for the Freemasons.

Multiple victims came forwarded alleging the same abuse, but they all came from different families where none of them knew each other. The reported abuse included murder, cannibalism, worshipping the devil, and sexual abuse. It was alleged that those responsible were Freemasons who attended the same masonic lodge in the town.

Source: Academia
Drawings of alleged Satanic ritual abuse by children involved in the ‘Blue House Case’ of Indiana.

Unfortunately, no arrests were made, and the case was dropped and ridiculed following the emergence of the so-called ‘Satanic Panic’, which was heavily pushed by the media.

Rick believes that one day the truth will be revealed to the public: Satanic ritual abuse takes place all over the world and continues to occur in secret, often by those in power.

It’s only a matter of time before Freemasonry is exposed for what it really is: A cult, which thrives off of power, greed and ultimately the abuse of innocent children. We need to Reboot The World and hold those accountable for the horrors that take place behind closed doors.

To those who have had the courage to speak out, I send my gratitude and thanks to you!

If you are a victim of Freemasonry or are a mason looking to speak out and tell your story, be it anonymously or publicly: I’m here to listen. You can get in touch with Dare To Fly via our website, email address, or through our social media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. There is no pressure to get in touch.

Fly High, Fear Less.