Greetings Pilots and Passengers!

⁣⁣Last month YouTube took down two of my videos: A video titled “UK Government Anticipates Vaccine Death Wave” and a Pizza Gate discussion video with Denty and Shaz. The first got taken down for “medical misinformation” and the second for “harassment and cyberbullying.”

Today I ⁣received a strike on my channel for another video which was not even available to the public titled “⁣Coronavirus Vaccine Contains Experimental Nanotech Components Which Endanger Health.” This video was unlisted from YouTube and was no longer available for public viewing: I hadn’t shared the link with anyone either. I appealed this but failed because YT doesn’t like alternative views to the current agenda. I decided to appeal my previous removal on the vaccine death wave video and surprisingly…I WON!

I cited the sources I used in the video and proved they were reliable, therefore YT had no option but to reinstate the video and admit that they were wrong. This is only a small victory in the battle against censorship, but I’ll take it!

You can watch my video using the video links below.

Fly High, Fear Less.

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(Note… Removed from YouTube again due to the recent purge and having 2 strikes!)