Some journeys require support and encouragement.

And that’s exactly how my journey began.

I didn’t wake up one day realising that the world has been created by a higher energy, or that we live in some Matrix-style simulation ran by rabid reptilians. As interesting and exciting as that would be, my journey took more than a wild imagination to take off.

Having a sceptical and critical mind often made it difficult for me to accept the possibility of there being more to life than living as a human on Earth. Luckily, my parents raised me to be open-minded, encouraging me to question the nature of life and not accept everything that I got taught at school. There were no limits on discussions in our house: we could talk about anything and everything (and we still do!), including whether aliens exist or if we float away from our bodies when we sleep.

My parents told me about their own experiences with Spirit, from seeing a ghost girl in the house to witnessing mediums channel higher beings – it sounded incredible but too detailed and intricate to be fabricated. Whilst this helped me consider the idea of a Spirit world and the continuation of life after death, I couldn’t rely on the words of my loved ones to fully believe.

When I was younger, I put down my Stephen King books and started reading accounts of near-death experiences, encounters with aliens, and astral projection.

I watched hours of documentaries on the secrets of the universe, compilations of captured evidence of Spirit, and listened to the personal experiences of different YouTubers. I began to believe.

But it was my personal experiences that solidified the foundations of my belief in Spirit. At first, I heard disembodied voices when home alone, which seemed easy to ignore and explain at first. Although, it was much harder to explain the apparition of a girl stood in my parents’ bedroom, and it was this experience that made me question everything I thought I knew about the world.

Being open-minded and more accepting of other ideas and concepts may have helped me have a Spiritual experience, as I may have been able to recognise the signs of communication much easier. It’s interesting to think what the world would be like if we all knew that Spirit existed and that they regularly send us signs to keep us on the right path in life.

I’m incredibly thankful that I grew up in a loving and supportive environment, for having amazing parents, a wonderful brother and cheeky dog to help make sense and explore the curious thoughts flying through my brain.

This is just the start of my journey, Pilots: we are yet to delve into my personal experiences in further depth and explore the development of my direct communication with Spirit.

If you have started your journey with Spirit, let me know in the comments what made you take flight.

Fly High, Fear Less.