Greetings Pilots and Passengers!

It’s been announced that we are entering another lockdown, but did we ever leave the first one?

The government sing their praises about how great we are doing at following rules, staying away from our loved ones, and existing rather than living. Yet the dark reality of lockdowns is never discussed: The impact on mental health, the rise in domestic violence and abuse, people dying from other illnesses as they cannot/are or afraid to seek help.

Take a moment to think of those suffering at home, those who have no one to speak to and are lonely. I won’t tell you to stay positive, all I’ll say is that it’s ok to not be ok. You have the right to feel upset, angry, lied to.

Look out for one another.

Fly High, Fear Less.

Co-Captain here:

YouTube has been a bozo and removed Emily’s video and given the channel a strike as you are not allowed to talk about the mental health effects of the lockdown!?! To that, I say Bollocks To YouTube!

Here is a link to the video on Brand New Tube: