Greetings Pilots and Passengers!

Warehouse Lock 17 requested a video exploring the meaning behind the number 666. This number is often associated with the devil, Satanism, and is negatively known as the ‘Mark of the Beast.’

I recognise that this number is controversial and is surrounded with stigma: I accept that it in some ways it is associated with Satan, and is used by occultic groups as a form of symbolism, and is used in their rituals.

However, in the world of numerology there is more to 666 than the devil: Like other numbers such as 444 or 777, it is another angel number. It is a message sent from spirit to get your attention and guide you along your life path. If the occultic groups can use 666 negatively, then we should be able to use it positively too! We can flip this and spread love and light, not only for ourselves but for those around us.

Fly High, Fear Less.