Greetings Pilots and Passengers!

Denty and Shaz have very kindly reacted to my video titled: ‘Freemasonry Whistleblowers Expose The Secret World of Freemasonry.’ I thought I would react to their reaction video…REACT-CEPTION!

They have shared some very interesting and eye-opening thoughts that have got me thinking about Freemasonry more so than before: What is REALLY going on behind closed doors?

Denty and Shaz are amazing content creators over on Brand New Tube and have been a wonderful support to me recently. Please go check out their channel and subscribe to see more of their awesome content!

Denty and Shaz BNT channel:

Denty and Shaz’s original video:

Freemasonry Whistleblowers Expose The Secret World of Freemasonry original video:

Fly High, Fear Less.