The 30 Day Out of Body Experience (OBE) Challenge has spawned another challenge I never realised I would come across: Life.

Heading into this challenge I assumed there would only be the learning curve of learning to exit my body, but I was wrong. It’s not as simple as sticking to a nightly routine and writing the results in a dream diary in the morning, as lovely as that sounds.

This challenge has reminded me that life can get in the way sometimes.

As much as I want to float away at night and explore the true reality of the world, I am still a living being. I still have university deadlines to complete and sleep to catch up on.

So far the challenge has shown that our understanding of human consciousness isn’t what it seems: Something happens to us when we fall asleep, and if we take time to practice, we can remember the experience. I felt my body floating upwards and heard voices in my room – things I can’t explain and can’t wait to discuss with you.

But I also had to work on finishing my degree and dealing with getting ill, and that was more important. Being able to recognise that the spiritual world will always be there waiting for me has been a wonderful lesson to learn – that I can focus on my spiritual development after I have overcome life’s many obstacles.

I have decided to extend the 30 Day OBE Challenge to another 30 days. I’ll start from scratch and see how far I can go, whilst allowing myself days off when needed and accepting that life is not straight path: It is winding and full of exciting obstacles ready to be overcome.

If you’ve made a start on your own astral projection challenge then let me know, I’d love to hear about your experiences so far!

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