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Some of you know me, some not, I am Dare To Fly’s Captain Emily’s dad. Hi!

I’d like to tell you about a simple but powerful technique I use to communicate with my spirit guides, which is easy to learn. I have taught both of my children how to use this technique and both were surprised when it worked for them.


I am a spiritualist; I believe that our soul survives physical death and moves on to spirit realms/dimensions. More than this, that our soul is from the spirit realms in the first place and that is where we will return. This is an expansive topic and something I’ll hopefully cover in the future.

Part of my belief is that we have guides in spirit that help us in many ways, such as to learn lessons, to give us strength and healing etc. Some are temporary guides, only with us while we learn specific lessons, others are permanent and are with us throughout our life. When you choose to work with spirit, such as making a concerted effort to meet and communicate with them, new guides will come in to help you.

I personally have two main ways I communicate with spirit, mental mediumship, this is something that has taken me years to develop, and my son calls this the ‘finger method’, which correctly termed as ‘muscle testing’ or the ‘finger ring’ technique. I like the simplicity of my son’s name for it so I’ll use that here. Mental mediumship is something I use when I can meditate, have the time and the situation is correct, while the finger method is something I can use anytime.

Before we start, note that this is not a technique for fortune-telling or asking about the future; the future is a series of complex probabilities so there is little point asking about specific timings of events as there are typically too many variables, and you will only end up feeling disappointed if what you expected did not happen when you thought it would. Trust me, I know!

Finger Method

With the finger method, it is possible to get answers to Yes/No questions, which may seem quite limiting, but by asking many questions can really help find more complex answers.

With your off-hand (not your main hand) make the OK symbol with your index finger and thumb pressed together, not too gently and not too firmly – this is the tricky bit, getting the pressure just right.

Using the index finger of your main hand you will be trying to pass it through your finger and thumb on your off-hand, separating them, without releasing the pressure between your finger and thumb. Did your muscles hold strong and prevent your finger passing, or did they weaken and let your finger pass through?

We will ask spirit a question and depending on the answer, either our index finger of our main hand will be able to pass through our finger and thumb or it will resist and will not be able to pass through. One means yes, and one means no. For me, being able to pass through means no, and unable to pass through means, yes, but this may be the other way around for others.

First, we need to know what yes looks like and what no looks like, so either out loud or in your head ask “Show me yes”, then try and move your main hand index finger between your finger and thumb. Did it pass through or did it resist?

Next, ask “Show me no” and test again, did it pass through or resist?

Ask a few more times until you can get consistent yes and no answers. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get this straight away, keep practising, the pressure between your finger and thumb will generally be what you will need to tweak.

Once this is working, or at least is mainly working (keep practising!), try asking additional questions:

• “Is my name X?”
• “Am I male?”
• “Am I female?”
• etc.

The more you practice, the stronger the connection to spirit will be, but note, this technique is not infallible, and your own thoughts can get in the way, and some answers may come from you and not spirit. This is especially true if you have a strong desire for a specific outcome of the question. To help identify these, I simply ask:

• “Did I answer that question?”
• “Did spirit answer that question?”

Going Deeper

Now, you may have some doubt and think you are simply making it all up, this is natural. They are your fingers and yes you are controlling it, but from where is the influence coming? What made you answer in a specific way? Unless you are a powerful trance medium, spirit cannot control you, but if you are open to it, they can provide influence in your mind/subconscious, which can translate into these simple yes or no answers.

On a side note, one of the ways spirit influences me is that I randomly get song lyrics in my head, and they repeat over and over until I notice them and realise that spirit is trying to say something. Typically there is some meaning in the lyrics that were repeating. Is spirit trying something similar to awaken you?

Okay, so you managed to get this far but what now? Start asking questions and ask follow-up questions and see where they take you.

• “Are you a spirit guide?” – If yes, you can start asking questions to find out a bit more about them.
• “Are you a relative?” – Maybe it is a family member in spirit. My grandmother is spirit is commonly around me for example.
• “Have you ever been on Earth?” – Not all guides have incarnated on the Earth, they may never have been to this dimension or they may have only been on other planets.

Have you have ever seen something out of the corner of your eye such as movement? You can ask if it was spirit!

You could also hold an item under your arm and ask if it would be good for you. This is actually one of the common uses for muscle testing.

Next Steps

Well done, you made it! This could be the start of a new spiritual journey! Where do you go from here? If you would like to start working with spirit or simply learn more, I’d suggest you start by learning spiritual protection, the following video can get you started.
My Top 5 Methods of Protection for Spirit Communication

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That’s it! It is a simple technique that I use regularly, and hopefully, you will benefit from it too. Awesome! 😊🙏

You can find more from me on Twitter, which is where I am active as @MrMonkfish.

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