I should feel ashamed that this blog has been silent for months…

But I don’t because I’ve been focused on producing content for the channel and juggling my social media accounts. Working on the channel has been a journey – not just ensuring that I produce quality content that people will want to watch, but seeing my work develop over time. Dare To Fly has a long way to go, however; this journey is not a freshly paved road without lumps and bumps: It’s a poorly cobbled road with plenty of potholes, twisting and turning up the steepest of mountains.

But It’s worth it.

Knowing that I am breaking all the core rules of what a journalist should be – prompt, early, constantly churning out content to maintain an audience – was eating away at me. I could hear the tuts of my university lecturers reminding me that I would be fired from an industry job if I continued this work ethic. But Dare To Fly isn’t here to fit a mould, I am not built for producing content for a mainstream audience – and please if you ever see me working at the BBC give me a clip round the back of the ear, would you?

Dare To Fly is more than this blog, just like a rocket ship is more than its engine: There are many components that makeup what this “brand” is, and as Captain, it is down to me what direction this ship flies (right now, we are flying at a steady pace). Wait. Let me reword that. It’s not down to me what direction this ship flies, it’s a collective effort; this channel is greater than me, it’s a platform for everyone and all those who have supported me so far.

But what about the blog?

I got overwhelmed, I have to be honest about that. Writing articles to back up videos is a trickier job than I first realised and the ole’ brain bank was turning to mush. Burnt out isn’t the correct phrase to use here, but it zapped my creative juices and I hit a blank wall. Yet here we are, and here I am, writing for this blog once more with ideas bubbling around in my brain. I have spirit to thank for that as I know they are whispering in my ear throughout the day and speaking with me directly when I pop out of my body at night.

Even at my lowest points whilst wrangling with my mental health the past couple of months, I have been thankful for all that the universe and my loved ones have provided. At one point I thought my creativity evaporated into thin air when in reality I was being nudged down an uncertain foggy path of dealing with the clutter in my mind and telling my anxiety who’s boss (me, it’s me if that wasn’t too clear).

Everything happens for a reason whether we realise it or not and that includes the uncomfortable moments of life that make us flinch and wonder why the big man upstairs hasn’t intervened with a comforting pillow to catch us as we fall. Trust me, the big man would probably film us as we land on our arse so he could cash in the footage for £250 from You’ve Been Framed (wouldn’t we all!). What I’m getting at is that even though sometimes we feel like we are straying from our paths, or experiencing the not so fun times, this all happens to toughen us up for the next chapter of life.

To answer the question: The blog will keep chugging along, but I will not let my personal pressures get the best of me. I will allow the creative juices to ebb and flow and post whatever feels right: The topics that interest me and will serve to educate and inspire others. Posting daily is a start and I will try to be regular and hold myself accountable – Starting with a new series titled “Captain Logs” (or “Clogs” for short), which will act as an outlet for me to write down my daily thoughts and ramblings.

Thank you for flying with me on this journey, friend. It is an honour to be able to serve others through my content and spread love and light.

Fly High, Fear Less.

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