The Freemasons are known for their secret rituals and ceremonies, but what is really going on behind closed doors?

Handshakes, symbols and passwords are all thought to be associated with the secret society, but nothing has ever truly been confirmed. Rumours and testimony from ex-Freemasons are all we have to go on, all of which suggests that there is more to this boys’ club than meets the eye.

Sources differ regarding the process in becoming a Mason: Some argue that a candidate must partake in a single initiation ceremony (the First Degree), whilst others suggest that this is a layered process.

What is for certain, however, is that these rituals include the performance of ‘plays’, where Masons recite speeches and learn ‘grips’ (handshakes). As Freemasons progress up the steps, they learn new passwords and symbols so that they can communicate with other Masons. Publicly, Freemasons have denied that this occurs, or that they don’t use handshakes or signs outside of their lodges.

Masonic handshakes.

From my research so far, the rituals that have been disclosed or leaked are very strange: Candidates must be blindfolded and even have a sword pointed towards them with the threat of being stabbed. Although, threats appear commonplace in Freemasonry, as revealing society secrets almost always has the punishment of death.

Rituals appear to take a darker and stranger turn as candidates complete degrees and progress up the steps: There are references to Satan and the Morning Star, with the light of Masons being described as “dark.” The references to God all seem to wither away the further down the path new Mason’s progress.

Researching ceremonies and initiations has been anything but clear: It’s all hidden and confusing, and nothing is proven wholly accurate. What is for certain though, is that Freemasonry holds many secrets and doesn’t want anything to be revealed.

I look forward to the day that Freemasonry and the real rituals that they perform are exposed to the public, only then will we know the truth.

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