More and more survivors are standing up and speaking out about the harrowing abuse that they have suffered: It’s time we break the cycle of torment by listening and taking action.

Satanic Ritual Abuse Needs to be Recognised

As previously mentioned, it’s important that SRA is not housed with other reports of child abuse and neglect. Whilst all child abuse needs to be eradicated and exposed, SRA should not simply be labelled as “paedophilia” or a “severe case of abuse.” The Coalition Against Satanic Ritual Abuse (CASRA) – set up in 2014 to raise awareness of SRA and campaign for action – correctly states that SRA is more complicated than just “child abuse.”

SRA is in a category of its own and should be publicly referred to as SRA or as Satanist Ritual Abuse. SRA should be very clearly and publicly exposed for what it is, and not disguised as Paedophilia or Child Sex Abuse.

Coalition Against Satanic Ritual Abuse (ND)

Satanic Ritual Abuse is an uncomfortable and disturbing topic: The thought that children and vulnerable adults around the world are being abused in the name of Satan feels impossible to accept or rationalise. It’s even more difficult to comprehend when the UK is becoming increasingly secular: In 2018, only 1% of 18-24-year-olds reported that they were religious, according to the British Social Attitudes Survey.

If the UK is becoming secularised and more people are identifying with atheism, how can the public accept the notion of abuse being carried out to please an evil deity? The sensationalised reporting of cases of child abuse and the Satanic Panic portrays traumatic events as “interesting” and “exciting” stories that are consumed in the media like a drug. There are no calls to action, there are no protests or demands for justice for these victims – just the masses waiting to pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV to find out the latest shocking story of murder and abuse.

Until people start listening and are willing to look past their personal beliefs, nothing will change. This only fuels the abuse, as victims of SRA have suffered years of abuse, only to face a new group of abusers – those who are unwilling to hear their testimony.

Fiona Barnett

Fiona Barnett, a survivor of SRA.
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Growing up, Fiona faced harrowing abuse at the hands of her family – carried out by her grandmother and grandfather, Helen and Peter Holowczak who she lived with. The abuse was mental, physical, sexual, and emotional, and it was not limited to her family home: She was subjected to abuse by strangers who were part of a Satanic cult. Fiona’s grandparents actively sold her into paedophilia at a frighteningly young age, where she was shipped off to paedophile orgies including VIP members of society.

At the age of 6, Fiona was trafficked to a paedophile orgy at Parliament House in Canberra, where she alleges that she was raped by influential people including political figures and celebrities. On the list included a famous American actor, a former Australian prime minister, and a future prime minister. These famous faces were alleged all a part of a global Satanic paedophile ring, where smaller cults of Satanists were interlinked around the globe and thrived off of child trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse.

As a child, Fiona was forced to witness a catalogue of human sacrifices to Satan, including one instance where a man was torn apart by having his limbs tied to 4 vehicles, where they then drove off in different directions. She also reportedly witnessed the ritual murder of a pregnant woman and her baby, and 10 young children, where their blood and flesh was then consumed in a bloody orgy.

Fiona’s abuse seemed like it would never end as she was raped and tortured repeatedly by strangers, and forced to take part in disturbing Satanic rituals. She believes this was normal, that every child was raised this way even if they knew it was wrong or that they didn’t like it. At the age of 16, Fiona was finally able to escape the cult and her abusers following the Bathurst City Hall crime, where a flood of similar reports abuse came into the public eye and were focused on by the media spotlight.

After reporting her testimony to the police, her experiences were plastered across the media stage, where she was ridiculed and her testimony was tarnished. She faced threats of violence, and her case was ultimately ignored and dismissed by any and all authority, despite calls and emails to governors, the police and anyone in the position to take action. This only further fuels Fiona’s belief that Satanists have infiltrated all areas of not only the Australian government, but every country in the world, and this allows the mass abuse of children to continue in plain sight.

Jeanette Archer

Jeanette Archer, now 53, is speaking out about the Satanic Ritual Abuse she suffered for years as a child. She hopes by speaking out she can raise awareness and encourage more victims to come forward.
Source: YouTube

As a child, Jeanette was subjected to rape, torture and abuse at the hands of her family. To the rest of the world, her family would seem normal: That they were trying to make ends meet living on a council estate in South West London in the 1970s. Her father was an electrician and her mother was a typical housewife – but they were masters in disguise. Behind closed doors, Jeanette was sexually and physically abused by her parents, the very people who were supposed to nurture and love her.

When Jeanette turned 3, she was trafficked and sold into paedophilia, where she was forced to join a Satanic cult and take part in dark rituals and ceremonies. She would be ritually raped and tortured by strangers and Satanists, a cult which her parents and grandfather were actively a part of. This did not take part in one location, this abuse took part in different flats, where child pornography and smut films were produced and sold to the highest bidder.

Jeanette alleges that she faced years of torment and abuse on a farm in Surrey, where children from across the UK were trafficked to be tortured, raped and eventually murdered. Vans of kidnapped children would arrive at the farm, where children of all ages would be caged in underground tunnels or chained up in barns. Jeanette recalls witnessing live children – including babies and toddlers – being hung on meat hooks and sliced open, where their insides were emptied into a bucket and eaten by members of the Satanic cult.

This was done to please Satan and feed the cult’s need for power and domination over young children and living people. They didn’t care about the abuse and pain that they were inflicting, all they cared about was their reputation in the eyes of Satan, and the thrill it gave them.

The bodies of hundreds of children were buried under the Surrey farm, and after dealing with her past via counselling and therapy, Jeanette contacted the police to direct them where to dig and who to arrest. The police were set to dig up the farm in Surrey and carry out a full investigation, but the case was suddenly dropped as it was discovered Jeanette’s grandfather did not have a driving license, therefore could not have been driving vans full of children to the farm (because not having a license means you are unable to drive…)

It’s Not an Easy Battle

Raising awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse and fighting for change is an uphill battle: We have to come together to demand justice and provide a platform for survivors to speak out. Unfortunately, there will be those who seek to ridicule victims and tarnish the reputation of individuals and groups who try to expose corruption and exploitation. Dare To Fly has faced trolls and continues to face pointless messages of hate, that are simply posted to try and tarnish the reputation of the channel.

Accusations of being a “smut peddler” from one individual who appears incredibly obsessed with smearing Dare To Fly has become a new normal. But it’s to be expected when creating videos exploring abuse and corruption, all of which is hidden from the public behind closed doors. I don’t mind facing hate comments, but when these are targeted at trying to excuse child abuse and ridicule victims, that’s when it crosses the line: There is no excuse for abusing children, adults, or anyone for that matter.

We need to come together and fight for justice. Being aware of what is happening and the reality of the world we live in is the first step to taking action and enforcing change. We need to give survivors a safe platform to speak out and to support them through the justice system so that a conviction can be reached.

If you are a survivor of abuse, or are an advocate for victims looking to raise awareness, and want to speak out publicly or anonymously: I’m here to listen. You can get in touch with Dare To Fly on social media via our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channel. We also have a contact page and email if you’d like to get in touch: There’s no pressure.

Fly High, Fear Less.