Child abuse is an uncomfortable topic that is often underreported by the media and continues to be a disturbing reality for many young people around the world. Yet silence surrounds the horrific nature of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

To understand Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) it is important to first recognise the disturbing characteristics of Ritual Abuse:

“Ritual abuse is an extreme, sadistic form of abuse of children and non-consenting adults. It is methodical, systematic sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse, which often includes mind control, torture, and highly illegal and immoral activities such as murder, child pornography and prostitution. The abuse is justified by a religious or political ideology.”

RA Info. (2020) What is Ritual Abuse?

Satanic Ritual Abuse encompasses all of the above, except it is committed for the purposes of religious practice: Particularly the worship of Satan.

What do the statistics show?

It is difficult to know the true number of children who have suffered abuse or are stuck in a cycle of abuse.
Source: Office for National Statistics

In the UK, statistics show that around 1 in 20 children have been sexually abused, and the majority of reports suggest that victims knew their abuser. These are staggering and upsetting figures that shouldn’t exist.

It is unclear how many victims of SRA there are around the world, however, statistics estimate that around 60,000 people may suffer abuse from underground Satanic cults and groups each year. However, we will never truly know the exact number as much of it goes unreported, or the testimony of victims may be ridiculed, thus their case fails to be investigated.

The so-called “Satanic Panic”

The rise in allegations of child trafficking and SRA in the 1980s has been labelled a moral panic, leading to many survivors being ridiculed.
Source: The Austin Chronicle

In the 1980s, reports of organised Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) were widely reported in the United States, and soon around the world, into the 1990s. Allegations of highly organised and systematic ritualistic abuse were made by many young children and adults, often alleging a worldwide ‘conspiracy’ involving the elite members of society who actively sought to abuse and traffic children and vulnerable people.

These allegations were viewed as highly controversial due to the nature of the crimes, and the perpetrators who were allegedly involved. Whilst the police investigated cases (with some successfully receiving convictions), the media coverage of testimonies created a ‘moral panic’, which led to an influx in reported abuse.

Satanic worship was widely reported by the mainstream media in the 1980s, however the testimonies of victims failed to be fully investigated.
Source: YouTube

Of course, whilst many cases were credible and genuine, there were those who made false allegations, which in turn discredited all victims.

Now, SRA is shrouded in mockery, and those that dare to discuss it are labelled “conspiracy theorists” or are viewed as extreme God-fearing Christians. Just because there are those unfortunately who decided to make false allegations, be it for the sake of attention, this doesn’t mean all victims should be ignored and silenced.

Vicky Ash

Victoria Ash, a survivor of SRA.
Source: HEART Publications

As a child, Vicky Ash faced horrific abuse at the hands of her family, as she was born into a household that actively worshipped Satan. From the age of 3, her abuse started at the hands of her father, and later she suffered the same fate from strangers.

Vicky recalled being taken out at night to locations where she was subjected to physical and sexual abuse by people wearing cloaks. These rituals programmed her to live in fear, but were treated as “games” where she was presented as the “star of the show.”

The screams of children being murdered haunt Vicky to this day, and she struggles to block out the images of children and animals being sacrificed to Satan.

As a result of her abuse, Vicky fell pregnant at a criminally young age and was forced to abort the pregnancy, where the foetus was then sacrificed to Satan. It wasn’t until she reached the age of 14 that she was able to escape her abusers and try to move on with her life – but flashbacks and ‘triggers’ of the abuse continued to haunt her.

Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens was dedicated to exposing paedophilia.
Source: BBC

After contacting her local MP Geoffrey Dickens for help, she was directed to the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) who began investigating her case, and later appeared on a BBC Panorama show to raise awareness of SRA. Unfortunately, her case was not fully investigated and was soon dropped, and Vicky believes that this was due to corruption within the force.

Whilst Vicky’s initial contact with the police was unsuccessful, she was able to help two sisters identify their abusers using her wedding photos (as the perpetrators were present in the photos), although the police have withheld the evidence and refuse to return her wedding photos to this day.

Vicky’s case continues to be reopened and closed by the police, and has recently once again been opened and is currently being investigated – she is hopeful that the truth will finally be exposed and that she will receive some justice, as her primary abuser remains at large and continues to be a threat to children.

Now, Vicky runs a Holistic Ministry called Christoria where she works to help other SRA survivors and hopes by speaking out she can raise awareness of SRA and encourage others to tell their testimonies.


Theresa was subjected to years of horrific abuse by a Satanic cult, where her grandmother was a key member.
Source: YouTube

Following a divorce from Theresa’s father, Theresa’s mother could not cope with caring for her children and left them in the care of her now ex-husband. For some time, baby Theresa and her siblings lived with their father and their grandma until he moved out, whereby Theresa was put in the permanent care of her grandmother.

From the age of just 2, Theresa faced regular physical and sexual abuse at Satanic rituals, where grandma (also known as ‘Nan’) was an active member. Here, she was forced to have sex with 10-30 members and was passed around like meat, whilst at home she Nan forced Theresa to have sex with animals such as goats and donkeys.

‘Nan’ was responsible for subjecting Theresa to horrific ritualistic abuse.
Source: YouTube

Due to the regular abuse, Theresa said that she was impregnated potentially up to 7 times, and many of these pregnancies resulted in abortions where the foetus was sacrificed to Satan in a ritual. In one instance, Theresa alleges that after an abortion was performed, the baby was still moving and was then murdered, where cult members began to eat the child, and Theresa was forced to partake in this disgusting cannibalism.

Theresa alleged that the majority of the abuse she was subjected to took place at a large, ornate, castle-like building in the countryside, which seemed to be owned by very rich people. However, Theresa recalled that she has never been able to show the police the location of this house because she was always knocked unconscious or drugged when being taken there.

At the house, Theresa alleged that she witnessed many young children, adults and babies murdered in the name of Satan because they were viewed as “pure sacrifices.” The bodies were later destroyed in tubs of acid, potentially covering up hundreds of murders.

Once Theresa finally told her mother of the abuse she was suffering, she was able to escape her abusers at the age of 15 and report her allegations to the police. The investigation led to 5 men being charged with rape, whilst Nan was charged with 7 counts of abetting rape, and 3 counts of performing abortions.

Ray Wyre is a pioneer in the treatment of sex offenders and paedophiles.
Source: International Business Times

Therapist and pioneer Ray Wyre listened to her testimony and believed her to be telling the truth, along with Theresa’s own psychiatrist who said that her account “is not the product of a psychotic illness nor the figment of a fertile imagination.” Medical reports backed up Theresa’s horrifying accounts, showing that she had suffered sustained sexual abuse.

For those who struggle to believe testimonies such as Theresa’s: Why would any victim want to remember such disturbing abuse? How can we ignore evidence of sexual abuse, which has been verified by medical reports?

Carolyn Bramhall

Carolyn Bramhall is a survivor of SRA who has suffered from DID and now helps other victims recover and rebuild their lives.
Source: YouTube

Carolyn suffered horrific Satanic Ritual Abuse as a child, which was carried out by both her family and strangers who she was taken to. However, growing up, she had no recollection of the horrors she faced as a young child, as she blocked out the memories.

After graduating from Bible College and entering into youth work, Carolyn was bombarded with terrifying nightmares involving scenes which would only be present in horror movies. She decided to move to America with her family and settle down, but the frequency of night terrors only increased, and a host of personalities began to make themselves known – over 109 in total.

Carolyn was then diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), which is defined as:

“A rare condition in which two or more distinct identities, or personality states, are present in—and alternately take control of—an individual.”

Psychology Today. (2019) Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder).

The existence of these personalities – or ‘alters’ – worked to cover up the abuse Carolyn had suffered when she was younger, which explained the ongoing nightmares.

For example, an alter called “Ju Ju” would come forward and remember the extreme abuse she suffered and believed it was still happening, thus needed to be convinced that she was safe. The emergence of Ju Ju and many other personalities were triggered by certain sounds Carolyn would hear as a child, such as a car door closing, signalling that abuse was about to take place and Carolyn should “go away” so she would have no memory of it.

Each of Carolyn’s alters had their own personalities, likes, dislikes and even their own handwriting. It was through therapy that Carolyn came to understand why it was necessary for her alters to exist, and how traumatic abuse can cause fragmentation of personalities.

Carolyn has published a book titled “Am I A Good Girl Yet?”, which covers the abuse she suffered as a child and her diagnosis of DID.
Source: Goodreads

Eventually, Carolyn was able to become fully integrated and her alters came to terms with the abuse that had taken place, allowing them to leave and for Carolyn to take full control. She reported that this was a rather gloomy experience, as DID sufferers often develop relationships and form bonds with their other personalities.

Now, Carolyn works with survivors of SRA, many of whom suffer from DID as a result of their experiences. She believes that DID is often caused by SRA and that this abuse is widespread but continues to be ignored and under-reported: The cases she deals with are only the tip of the iceberg.

What now?

It’s time we start listening to the testimonies of survivors.
Source: Medium

I understand that as a reader, you may struggle to wrap your head around the notion that ritualistic abuse is taking places, and is reported to be carried out by those in society with authority who we often trust. It may seem too outrageous and ridiculous to fathom that famous figures and trusted faces maybe some of the most depraved individuals to walk this Earth.

Yet recent investigations have revealed that some of our beloved celebrities nurture the darkest secrets. Take a look at the disturbing revelations of Jimmy Savile and the despicable case of Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins who was convicted of the attempted rape of a baby.

Jimmy Savile and Ian Watkins were discovered to be prolific paedophiles and dangerous threat to children.
Sources: The Sun & BBC

Whilst the media should be celebrated for holding those responsible for their actions to account, it winces at the thought of fully reporting the true scale of such abuse. We must ask why the majority of cases are dropped, and why the media act like toothless watchdogs when it comes to questioning the government about the alleged VIP paedophile ring, which has been hastily swept under the rug.

Listening to the testimonies of victims is the first step in taking action and raising awareness of what is really going on behind the darkest of doors. By hearing the harrowing experiences of survivors, it is clear that there are patterns and themes that crop up, showing that there is something disturbing happening that is hidden in plain sight from the public.

We need to stop caring about what others think: It doesn’t matter if you are labelled as crazy for investigating how the government lost Geoffrey Dicken’s dossier containing the names of alleged VIP paedophiles. What matters is that we take steps as a society to demand action to be taken, and the voices of survivors and those suffering from SRA to be heard.

The louder we shout, the harder we are to ignore.

If you are a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse, or are an advocate seeking to raise awareness, and want to speak out: You can get in touch with Dare To Fly via our website’s contact page.

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