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Cowering in front of the TV watching the latest slimy flick and looking to the skies in wonder is commonplace. But we would much rather envision extra-terrestrials as evil greys who feast on the flesh of humans, instead of intelligent beings who come in peace.

Throughout history, the existence of aliens has been up for debate, with references to otherworldly beings as far back as Ancient Egypt. Drawings and hieroglyphics on the walls of some of the oldest structures in Egypt appear to depict modern technology such as helicopters, airplanes, and even UFOs. Humanoid creatures with elongated skulls are presented as powerful pharaohs and godlike beings: Could these be aliens?

Source: UFO Sightings Hotspot
Ancient hieroglyphics depict modern technology and UFOs.

Some suggest that extra-terrestrials have been involved in the development of the human race, helping humanity to create incredible structures, such as the pyramids. It’s argued that we didn’t have the technology to manoeuvre huge blocks of stone, therefore received a helping hand from an advanced race with the means to build this structure. It is believed that these ancient aliens have been visiting Earth for thousands of years, which explains their presence amongst the Egyptians, and even some references in the Bible.

However, nowadays we seem to hold a negative bias towards the idea of another advanced race existing. That humans must be the only intelligent species in the universe, and if aliens were to exist, they would be ‘lesser’ than us. There are many misconceptions we hold against aliens, and it’s time that we drop them.

Here are a handful of misconceptions humanity holds against aliens:

1) Aliens are here to harm humans or take over the Earth

Source: Wonder How To
Aliens are often presented as menacing, bloodthirsty creatures with an obsession with destruction.

The media we digest about ETs is rarely positive: Movies such as The Thing and Feast, and even video games like Alien: Isolation only fuel the idea that aliens want to zap us with lasers, or shove probes up our bums. Instead of creating negative content surrounding the existence of other life forms, why can’t we accept the idea that aliens want to form a relationship with humans?

It’s possible that some alien races may not have the best intentions for humanity, however, we shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that ALL extra-terrestrials will want to take advantage of us. If we have this negative mindset regarding aliens, then this is likely to prevent us from making otherworldly progress.

2) Aliens want to abduct humans for impregnation, slavery, or for harvest

Source: Collective Evolution
ETs will only abduct humans if it has been agreed upon, there’s nothing to worry about.

Alien abductions have been reported all around the world for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Those who say they have encountered aliens often report missing time, odd dreams, and flashbacks to their experience. Whilst some have had negative abduction experiences, many report that aliens are trying to form a bond with humanity, and their intentions are misunderstood.

One source, Hybrid Rising, suggests that there is an Alien-Human Hybrid program, which is ongoing and has been carried out for many years. Impregnation occurs during or after abduction through a procedure known as Transgenesis, which is defined as:

“…the process of introducing an exogenous gene – called a transgene – into a living organism so that the organism will exhibit a new property and transmit that property to its offspring.”

Hybrid Rising, 2020.

Source: Spiritual Unite
Some believe that there may be Alien-Human hybrids walking among us.

As confusing and concerning as that may sound, this source suggests that the procedure has been agreed upon beforehand. That many abductees who have experienced this didn’t view it in a negative light; they realised that the aliens who performed this procedure needed our help.

In his book, Cosmic Voyage, which detailed communication with extra-terrestrial via remote viewing, Courtney Brown reportedly observed an alien abduction. During a remote viewing session, Courtney witnessed a woman being abducted by Greys and having a hybrid foetus removed from her womb, which was then placed into a canister. He sensed that the woman was terrified on a conscious level, but subconsciously she was ecstatic because she had willingly volunteered to take part in this operation.

But why are the Greys using humans for impregnation? It has been communicated that they need our help: They have a crisis on their hands. Whether this may be a reproductive crisis or a sickness which has a deadly grasp on their species, it’s not entirely clear what their situation is. What is clear, however, is that we need to reach out and help them through this – we may need their assistance in the future.

3) Aliens have only started visiting Earth in the last few years

Source: Look4Ward
In reality, aliens have been in contact with humans for thousands of years, and we have been accepting of their presence.

The sudden rise In UFO sightings and contact with ETs suggests that aliens have only recently reached out to communicate. However, as previously mentioned, it’s believed that aliens have been visiting Earth for thousands of years.

The strange reports by Betty and Barney Hill, who were abducted in the 1960s, suggest that aliens have been in contact with us for longer than we think. Under hypnosis, Betty drew a star map containing nearby systems, and even trade routes. After this map was studied in 1966, Marjorie E. Fish, a scientist from Ohio, was able to create a 3D version based on Betty’s drawing. Surprisingly, the map matched up perfectly with known stars, even appearing logical.

Source: Chasing Adventure
Betty Hill’s star map.

This suggested that our system has been in contact with other systems across the universe for thousands of years, particularly trading closely with the Zeta 1 Reticuli system.

4) Aliens aren’t like humans

Source: International Business Times
Why can’t we believe that aliens are like humans?

Popular media portrays aliens as terrifying monsters with no care for any other race but its own. They feed on the destruction and suffering as others, flying across the universe seeking out fresh meat and perfect planets to terraform with the blood of its prey. I’m sure ETs love our presentation of their species, and they probably had a laugh about it over a pint.

If aliens are living beings like us, then they must eat, breathe and play a role within their species to survive. They may have a family, a job, and live in a city just like we do. It might be painful to look past the negative bias, but they are probably exactly like us. We should hold on tight to this idea and find it exciting that there are others in the universe who tell jokes or have a favourite food.

5) Aliens don’t have emotions

Source: Catholic Online
Some suggest that it is possible that aliens will share similar emotions as humans, but will express them differently.

This misconception walks hand in hand with the last point: If aliens aren’t like humans, then surely, they don’t have emotions, right? To me, this argument is pointless, because we know that a variety of species on Earth has the capacity to be happy, sad, and even experience fear. If that’s the case, then why should we assume that ETs have no emotions?

It’s Time to Drop this Blanket of Fear

There are so many misconceptions surrounding the potential existence of aliens, and this is only fuelled by our love for horrifying sci-fi movies, and gory video games. It’s perfectly fine to enjoy these forms of media, but we should try to hold a positive view of aliens regardless of the information we consume. Believing we are the most advanced species in the universe, and that all other possible races that could exist are ‘lesser’ than us is a pretty selfish outlook to have.

It’s time that we drop our negative bias against aliens and seek to build a bridge of communication with them. You can start making a change right now: All it takes is a positive thought or looking to the skies and saying a quick ‘hello.’

Fly High, Fear Less.

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