We love to be terrified at the cinema watching the latest spooky film, cowering in our seats. But what are ghosts, ghouls, and spirits?

When you think of the term ‘spirit’ or ghost’, what comes to mind? You might envision a white bedsheet with holes cut out for eyes, or maybe a shadow figures lingering in the corner of your bedroom. The concept of ghosts and hauntings has been discussed and debated throughout history, and terrifying testimonies of apparitions vanishing into thin air have been reported as far back as Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt.

Many believe that ghosts are the souls of people trapped on Earth because they have finished business, they try to contact the living to get help and be able to move on. But surely there is more to ghosts than being trapped? Spiritualists suggest that everyone has a soul, and the living can communicate with their loved ones through mediumship and other methods such as table tipping.

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It is believed that the Fox sisters spearheaded the spiritualist movement when they reported paranormal experiences in their home in March 1848. However, their credibility has since been questioned as individuals close to the sisters confessed in 1851 that the seances were often a hoax, although the truth remains unclear.

To this day, scientists continue to debate whether ghosts exist, or whether they are simply tales to tell around the campfire. Some argue that ghosts cannot be real because we lack the technology to be able to detect them, whereas others suggest that this is not true since alleged evidence has been recorded using spirit boxes, voice recorders and cameras.

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Ghost Adventures are well known for documenting evidence of the paranormal during their investigations.

A recent study highlighted that approximately 93% of scientists and engineers have had some form of paranormal experience, which is strikingly like that of the general population, which accounts for 94%. The research team concluded that they were surprised to discover such a high number of reports, suggesting that many scientists do not openly come forward to discuss their experiences at the fear of being ridiculed in the scientific community, as the topic is considered taboo.

Instead of ridiculing those who seek to explore the world of the paranormal, we should allow open discussion without the fear of being ridiculed. It seems that there is much more going on in the world than we realise, and without being open-minded, we may never discover the truth and begin to gather the pieces of the puzzle together.

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