Out of Body Experiences have been well documented throughout history, but what are they?

Envisioning yourself floating out of your body and flying here, there, and everywhere is more than just a dream: It could be an Out of Body Experience (OBE).

This can be defined as an event where the consciousness is perceived to leave the physical body and is aware of what is happening. Lucid dreaming is often associated with this phenomenon, where individuals are able to remember details of dreams and report that they were present whilst they were taking place.

OBEs, however, are thought to more than just a fantasy: Some believe it is where the soul or spiritual body leaves the physical, although scientists argue this is impossible to prove since souls cannot be measured.

Statistics suggest that an estimated 10% of the population will have an OBE of some form during their lifetime. However, these figures are likely to be higher because some argue that everyone has OBEs all the time when they sleep, but they are unable to remember them once they awaken.

An Ancient Egyptian drawing of what is believed to be an OBE.
Source: Pinterest

OBEs have even been reported as far back as Ancient Egypt over 5000 years ago, where Egyptian priests referred to the astral body as ‘Kha’. They wrote inscriptions and produced drawings on temples walls, presenting the astral body as a beam of light, which radiated from within the physical body.

Today, people seek to achieve OBEs through a variety of techniques including visualisation techniques, hypnosis and listening to binaural beats. However, what may work for one person, may not work for others, and discovering how to successfully explore the spiritual world is a result of practice and dedication. Even I am yet to experience my first astral projection!

This video marks the beginning of my 30 Day Out of Body Experience Challenge, where for 30 days I will try to induce an OBE and write down what occurs. At the end, I will post a video of what happened, and if I was successful. Who knows? Maybe I’ll visit another dimension…

Why not join me and start your own challenge to see if you can float away?